Free academic tutoring that is offered to students in grades one through high school who reside in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Tutoring Programs

Located On-Site—meaning within easy walking distance for students

Often located in community rooms of housing complexes such as apartments

Volunteer staffed and operated, provide free tutoring to all attendees

Tutoring (vs Mentoring) program but also great for relationship building

Your Rotary Club might partner with other civic organizations for volunteers etc

Support curriculum of schools students attend; no “special” programs

Include small computer lab; provides access to fantastic on-line resources

Very inexpensive to establish and operate

Have proven, flexible model for establishing new on-site programs

Support is available to help YOUR Rotary Club start your own on-site program

School Tutoring Programs

Located on or very near the school campus

Established in partnership with the school; may work with PTA or similar group

Supports the curriculum and educational needs of the supported school

Typically, school selects students to be tutored; provides input re student needs

Program staffed and run by volunteers (Rotarians plus others if needed!)

Days and hours of tutoring are flexible; design to meet school and student needs

School typically provides space, access to internet and provision of some supplies

Operating policies and rules will be coordinated with those of school system